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Magazine publisher teams up with Amazon for ‘scan to shop’...

Magazine publisher teams up with Amazon for ‘scan to shop’ pages

Source: Contagious

Hearst is experimenting with content-to-commerce to make its print editions work harder

Hearst is making pages of its Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines shoppable by including Amazon SmileCodes.

The SmileCodes work like QR codes, but are specific to Amazon and its mobile app. When people see a SmileCode next to a product on a page, they can open the Amazon app, tap on the camera icon and scan the code. This will redirect them to a dedicated Cosmopolitan or Seventeen Magazine Amazon page where users can buy the product in the magazine.

The codes can direct users to extra content, as well as purchase pages. To prompt this interaction the codes will be accompanied by descriptions such as ‘scan to shop’ or ‘scan to watch an exclusive trailer’.The codes will be included in ad pages as well as editorial features. Confirmed partners so far include skincare companies Olay and Neutrogena, and make up brand Cover Girl.Users will also be able to access the dedicated Cosmopolitan and Seventeen Magazine online stores directly through Amazon’s See, Love, Shop page, which will be updated monthly to reflect the print publishing schedule.

Nuro’s driverless delivery vehicle is a prototype cargo...

Nuro’s driverless delivery vehicle is a prototype cargo hauling droid

Nuro, a California-based startup, has developed a working prototype of an autonomous delivery vehicle. The driverless microvan is designed as a local, short distance delivery and errand vehicle. The windowless prototype was filmed completing several closed course tests that simulate real world conditions like making left turns at an intersection, stopping for pedestrians and giving road space to cyclists.

The interior of the Nuro was designed to accommodate a range of delivery and transport tasks, from packages to takeout food to dry cleaning.

Nuro was founded in 2016 by two former Principal Engineers from Google’s self-driving car project, which has become Waymo. Along with the rest of their team, they’ve achieved a lot in a short span of time.

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All the biggest news and highlights from CES 2018Source:...

All the biggest news and highlights from CES 2018

Source: Wired

The world’s biggest consumer tech event is back. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest TV and gadget news from Las Vegas

The trade show is a yearly preview of the gadgets and landfill hitting shelves over the next 12 months; it’s also a chance for companies to demonstrate some of their wackier concepts, which may never come to fruition. Here’s a roundup of all the news and highlights from the big event so far.

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Five trends that will change the media landscape in 2018Source:...

Five trends that will change the media landscape in 2018

Source: Marketing Week

From publishers taking on the digital giants to streaming services stealing tactics from traditional broadcasters, Marketing Week predicts the media trends that will take shape this year.

  1. Streaming services will take more cues from traditional media
  2. Publishers will reassess their relationship with digital giants
  3. Magazine publishers will up their focus on measurement
  4. Broadcasters will battle disruptors with addressable TV
  5. Digital out-of-home will get more personal

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Which consumer trends will reign around the world in 2018?With a...

Which consumer trends will reign around the world in 2018?

With a stronger global economy, in 2018 consumer expenditure is expected to grow at its strongest rate since 2011. Yet shifting consumer attitudes and behaviours will continue to cause disruption for business in 2018, with mobile technology and internet accessibility playing a key role in shaping these changes.

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