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Heineken - A ‘dam fresh HeinekenThis beer brand created a...

Heineken - A ‘dam fresh Heineken

This beer brand created a personalised experience that helped shift its image from mainstream business to local brewer.

To get Amsterdam tourists to choose Heineken over increasingly popular microbrews, the beer brand used travel data from airline and hotel partners to target male visitors before they’d even arrived.

As soon as someone booked a flight to Amsterdam, Heineken served them a pop-up ad offering to brew them a fresh beer for their arrival. If they clicked on the ad – which was customised to include their departure airport – they could register to get a beer.

The Heineken brewing process takes 28 days, so the beer brand sent participants updates, photos and videos of their beer being made via Facebook Messenger starting 28 days before their arrival in Amsterdam.

The Messenger chatbot also asked them questions about what they’d like to do in Amsterdam and, based on their interests, gave them suggestions of places to go. If the users were interested in any of Heineken’s suggestions, they could add them to their Amsterdam map.

When participants arrived in Amsterdam they could pick up their beer from the Heineken Experience, a tourist attraction located inside the Heineken brewery. Each beer was labelled with the recipient’s name and flight data and was wrapped in a personalised map of the city with the locations discussed in their Facebook Messenger chat marked on it.

Google imagines How advertising might look on mobile VRNew...

Google imagines How advertising might look on mobile VR

New medium, new ads/ At least one reviewer who’s seen Google’s VR ad experiment has criticised it for being garish, but that’s to be

Google’s Area 120 is experimenting with new ad formats for mobile VR, and the first to come out of the in-house incubator is an expanding cube.

According to a post by Google employees Aayush Upadhyay and Neel Rao, Area 120 tasked itself with designing an ad format specifically for mobile VR after hearing from developers that wanted to make money from their VR apps.

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PSFK - Consumer 2020Developed as a partnership between PSFK and...

PSFK - Consumer 2020

Developed as a partnership between PSFK and Cisco, provides a challenging but fresh perspective on consumer trends in the near future and offers key strategies and resources to help brands in the retail, hospitality, and sports & entertainment industries better connect with consumers

Featured in the 18+ page report, readers will find:

  • In-depth insights and statistics about changing consumer behavior leading to 2020
  • 5 profiles of new consumer roles and responsibilities in the marketplace
  • 4 key shifts transforming consumer-first industries
  • Actionable engagement strategies and resources for retail, hospitality, and sports & entertainment brands
  • Detailed information about how Cisco can help your company develop a Digital Network Architecture
  • Plus a 15+ page presentation deck

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Trendwatching - Industry Update June 2017Here you’ll find...

Trendwatching - Industry Update June 2017

Here you’ll find 16 dedicated B2C Industry Updates. Each one offers an unmissable window onto key trends and innovations in your (or your client’s) industry, with examples drawn from each of the 16 mega-trends in our Trend Framework.

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Calvin Klein x The XX - I dare youThe XX Video Starring Millie...

Calvin Klein x The XX - I dare you

The XX Video Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Ashton Sanders and Paris Jackson Is Also a Calvin Klein Ad. Another way to create owned content.

Calvin Klein’s Raf Simons, who has brought a fresh take to the fashion brand since signing on as its chief creative officer last year, debuts his latest project for the label – the new “I Dare You” music video for indie darlings The xx, starring Millie Bobby Brown of “Stranger Things,” Ashton Sanders of “Moonlight,” Paris Jackson and models Lulu and Ernesto Cervantes.

The video, directed by Alastair McClellan, depicts its young stars in an angsty scenario around ditching school on a gorgeous day in Los Angeles, their hooky taking them to eerie locales like Lloyd Wright’s 1962 Sowden House, known for its bizarre, Mayan-style architecture and rumored to be the setting of the Black Dahlia murder. They’re outfitted in Calvin Klein, of course.

The stark, vibrant photography, coupled with the minimalist, dreamy sounds of The XX make for a nostalgic ‘80s-style trip that feels like artsy, off-kilter John Hughes – one scene featuring a tear-drenched Brown feels like a modern mirroring of Molly Ringwald in “Sixteen Candles.”

When Simons took the helm at Calvin Klein last August, he assumed full creative control over all aspects of the brand – not just all of fashion (women and menswear, jeans, underwear), but furnishings, marketing and advertising too. The stars of this video have been part of his creative overhaul. Brown previously appeared in a campaign for the brand’s “By Appointment” couture offering, while Sanders featured in an underwear campaign with his fellow cast members from “Moonlight,” whom Simons also outfitted for the Academy Awards.

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